Vue 3.0 is here! What's next?

This is our first week with 3.0 of our favorite JavaScript framework. We now have a faster, smarter framework to build more powerful and performant Vue apps than ever before. The sky is at a new limit with what we can do now. If you’re excited but aren’t quite sure where to begin with Vue 3, we have some answers for you below.

Intro to Vue 3

If you’re brand new to the Vue framework, we recommend getting started with our Intro to Vue 3 course. This course covers the fundamentals of Vue syntax and walks through building a simple app using Vue 3. This is a free course, so you can take it with or without a Vue Mastery subscription.

Our Vue 3 Course Library

If you’re already familiar with the fundamentals of Vue, we have an entire library of Vue 3 courses, whether you can to learn about the new powerful Composition API or Reactivity System, or watch Evan You, the creator of Vue, walk through the Vue 3 source code.

30% off an annual subscription

If you’re looking for a fully well-rounded understanding of Vue 3, you might consider a subscription to the entire Vue Mastery learning library, as a tool for your Vue 3 success. Our courses provide clear and visual explanations led by skilled instructors that can help guide you to mastery.

We’re celebrating the Vue 3 release with a 30% off discount for a year of learning. You can go here to get your discount now.

Vue 3 Cheat Sheet

While embarking on your Vue 3 journey, don’t forget your free Vue 3 Cheat Sheet. This will help you along the way with the Vue 3 Composition API syntax. You can download the cheat sheet for free here.

It’s a great time to be a Vue developer, and we’re excited to continue providing the ultimate learning platform for Vue.js developers to master their craft. We’ll continue to produce more and more Vue 3 content for our expanding course library every week. We hope you’ll check in on us and our content regularly.

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