This Month in Vue - September 2019

There’s a lot that happens in a month in the Vue community. In this article I’ll summarize some of the top stories that Ben Hong, Adam Jahr, and I picked out of the news in September. If you’d like to hear us discuss these stories, you’ll want to take a listen to the podcast version of this article.

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Unit Testing in Vue: What to Test?

Dan Vega recently published part 1 of a Beginner’s Guide to Unit Testing in Vue. The article outlines the benefits of testing and will help you understand what to test and what not to test.

Implementing a Front-end with Micro-Components

You might have heard of this term micro-services when it comes to backend software development. Basically, it’s this idea of splitting up your backend services into smaller pieces that can run and be tested independently of each other. Last month Jamie Gross applied this principle to Vue on the front-end, effectively breaking up a big Vue application into smaller components that can be reused and tested.

VuePress: Documentation Made Easy

Documentation in the open-source tech community is often too sparse, can be difficult for beginners, and can quickly get out of date. VuePress exists for this reason, to make it super simple to produce documentation for a project and keep it up to date. If you want to learn more and get started on VuePress, Ben Hong published an article on the Smashing Magazine blog. Also worth mentioning, VuePress 1.1.0 was released.

Vue Piano

On building a Vue.js Piano

It’s essential to take on passion projects as a developer, as the daily grind can sometimes kill your love for code. Adam Jahr started loving code when he combined his passion for music and code. In this article you can learn how to use Vue.observable to keep track of the actively playing piano key.

Upcoming Vue Conferences

I love Vue conferences and want to make sure you know of the ones upcoming in your neighborhood.

  • Vue London - October 4
  • Vue Fes Japan - October 12
  • Connect.Tech in Atlanta - October 17-18
  • VueCamp Berlin - October 26-27
  • VueConf Toronto - November 11-12
  • Vue Amsterdam - February 20-21
  • VueConf.US in Austin, Texas - March 2 - 4
  • VueDay 2020 in Verona Italy- April 3

Data Provider Component

When you think of typical .vue components, you might expect them to have a template. Renderless components do not, and they’re a useful software design pattern. In VueDose this week Alex Jover Morales introduces data provider components whose sole function is to provide data to any other template layer.

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