Learning Paths

Ready to propel past the fundamentals? Explore the Intermediate path to improve upon your existing Vue skills.
Keep in mind this path is a suggestion, and we recommend exploring what other courses you may want to watch.

    Vue 3 Composition API

    Learn Vue 3's new Composition API, an alternative way to compose components for scalable Vue applications.

    Lightning Fast Builds w/ Vite

    Learn about Vite, the lightning-fast and lean build tool and dev server, billed as the next generation of front end tooling. Taught by its creator, Evan You.

    Vue 3 Forms

    Create simpler and more powerful reusable forms with Vue 3.

    Validating Vue 3 Forms

    Learn how to validate any type and size of form in Vue 3 by leveraging the power of Vee-Validate.

    TypeScript Friendly Vue 3

    Get a better developer experience when using TypeScript in your Vue 3 apps by leveraging the script setup syntax.

    Nuxt 3 Essentials

    Learn this intuitive framework that includes built-in tools and structure to build Vue apps that can scale.

    Build a Blog w/ Nuxt 3 Content

    Build a blog using Nuxt 3, Nuxt Content v2, and Bulma CSS.