Learning Paths

Ready to propel past the fundamentals? Explore the Intermediate path to improve upon your existing Vue skills.
Keep in mind this path is a suggestion, and we recommend exploring what other courses you may want to watch.

    Vue 3 Composition API

    Learn Vue 3's new Composition API, an alternative way to compose components for scalable Vue applications.

    Proven Pinia Patterns

    Explore more complex use cases and best practices of state management with Pinia.

    Vue 3 Forms

    Create simpler and more powerful reusable forms with Vue 3.

    Validating Vue 3 Forms

    Learn how to validate any type and size of form in Vue 3 by leveraging the power of Vee-Validate.

    TypeScript Friendly Vue 3

    Get a better developer experience when using TypeScript in your Vue 3 apps by leveraging the script setup syntax.

    Real World Nuxt 3

    Gain experience building a practical Nuxt 3 app in this course that covers rendering for performance.

    In Production

    Pro Nuxt Workflow

    The Nuxt ecosystem is full of tools to boost your productivity. Level up your workflow by learning how take advantage of them.

    Rendering Revealed

    Gain clarity on Vue + Nuxt app rendering modes and the best fit for your project's needs, performance demands, and user experience.

    Build a Blog w/ Nuxt 3 Content

    Build a blog using Nuxt 3, Nuxt Content v2, and Bulma CSS.

    Nuxt 3 Middleware

    Leverage Nuxt 3 middleware to run custom code before a page is rendered, enhancing your apps' security and maintainability at scale.

    Coding Better Composables

    Learn how to write scalable Composables based on best practices from the popular VueUse library.

    Firebase with Vue 3 and VueFire

    Learn the foundations of using Firebase for the back end of your Vue apps.

    Real World Testing

    Explore how to thoroughly test a production-level Vue app