Learning Paths

To elevate your abilities toward mastery, accomplish our advanced path.
Keep in mind this path is a suggestion, and we recommend exploring what other courses you may want to watch.

    Vue 3 Deep Dive with Evan You

    Understand Vue 3 from the inside out through the perspective of the creator himself, Evan You.

    Vue 3 Reactivity

    The way Vue 3 does reactivity is entirely different from Vue 2. Learn how it works under the hood throughout this advanced course.

    Coding Better Composables

    Learn how to write scalable Composables based on best practices from the popular VueUse library.

    Querying with GraphQL

    Use GraphQL to modernize how your Vue app queries, manipulates, and stores data.

    Build a Gmail Clone with Vue 3

    Put theory into practice by building a feature-rich email app that makes use of the core new features of Vue 3.

    Advanced Components

    Discover the full functionality of Vue components with Gregg Pollack & Evan You, the creator of Vue.