Learning Paths

If you’re brand new to Vue, you can start with this beginner path that teaches the essentials.
Keep in mind this path is a suggestion, and we recommend exploring what other courses you may want to watch.

Vue 3
Vue 2

    Intro to Vue 3

    Learn the fundamentals of Vue 3 in this course that starts with the very basics.

    Real World Vue 3 (Composition API)

    Learn the fundamentals of building a production-level single page application with Vue 3.

    Touring Vue Router (Composition API)

    Explore how Vue Router gives your Vue 3 app the navigation features it needs to scale.

    Pinia Fundamentals

    Learn the fundamentals of Pinia, Vue's new state management library, by building a simple Todo List App.

    Intro to Vue 3 + TypeScript

    With Vue 3's enhanced TypeScript support, using it just got easier. Learn how to strengthen your Vue apps with this popular technology.

    Lightning Fast Builds w/ Vite

    Learn about Vite, the lightning-fast and lean build tool and dev server, billed as the next generation of front end tooling. Taught by its creator, Evan You.

    Quick Tests with Vitest

    Speed up your component tests with Vitest, the blazing fast unit test framework powered by Vite.js.

    Nuxt 3 Essentials

    Learn this intuitive framework that includes built-in tools and structure to build Vue apps that can scale.