Real World Vue.js


1. Introduction


2. Installation with Vue CLI

To be released on June 26

3. Optimizing your IDE

To be released on July 3

4. Vue Router

To be released on July 10

5. Creating Components

To be released on July 17

6. Vuex: Intro

To be released on July 24
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Learn everything you need to know to build a production-level Vue.js application. I’ll be guiding you through each step, from installation all the way to deployment.

What we’ll cover

We’ll be setting up our project with:

  • Vue CLI
  • Vue Router
  • Vuex

We’ll learn how to create and work with:

  • Filters
  • Mixins
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Custom directives

And we’ll be using real data, making API calls with Axios, using Firebase’s new Cloud Firestore for our backend, and adding user authentication.

We’ll even implement some beautiful transitions and animations


This course does assume you know the basics of Vue. If you haven’t learned those yet, head over to our free Intro to Vue.js course first.

See you in the course

I hope you’ll join me on this tour around the Vue ecosystem as we build a Real World Vue app together.