Quick Tests with Vitest


1. Intro to Vitest


2. Writing your first test


3. Testing our components


4. Snapshots


5. Testing API Calls (mocking)


6. Testing a Page (E2E Testing)


7. Vitest UI, Coverage & Jest Migration


Testing a Page (E2E Testing)

In real-world scenarios, you’ll most likely be writing tests that mirror a user’s behavior. You want to make sure that your app functions correctly from a user’s perspective. This means you need to test the entire flow of your application. So, you’ll not only be testing individual components but also how they interact with each other.

This process of testing is called End to End testing but is commonly referred to as E2E testing.

Writing E2E tests can help you detect bugs and issues that occur when components interact with each other that might have gone unnoticed in unit or integration testing.

In this lesson, we’re going to be combining our two previous components to form a si