Next-Level Vue


1. Next-Level Vue: Orientation


2. Progress Bar: Axios Interceptors


3. In-Component Route Guards


4. Global and Per-Route Guards


5. Completing our Progress Bar


6. Error Handling


7. Reusable Form Components: BaseInput


8. Reusable Form Components: BaseSelect

To be released on December 18

9. Reusable Form Components: BaseButton

To be released on December 25

10. Form Validation

To be released on January 1

11. Mixins

To be released on January 8

12. Filters

To be released on January 15
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Next-Level Vue: Orientation

Welcome to Next-Level Vue. Prerequisites for this course include knowledge of:

  • Vue CLI
  • Vue Router
  • Single File .vue Components
  • API Calls with Axios
  • Vuex

In this video, we’ll be getting our example app running and then touring the code. If you’ve been following along with our Real World Vue and Mastering Vuex courses, you can probably skip ahead to the next lesson. But if you’re just joi…