Easy Interfaces with Vuetify


1. Intro to Vuetify


2. Understanding Key Vuetify concepts


3. Building the X Clone: Core UI Elements


4. Building the X Clone: Adding Tabs


5. Building the X Clone: Infinite Scroll


6. Bonus: Vuetify Tips and what’s to come


Understanding Key Vuetify concepts

Welcome back! In our first lesson, we introduced Vuetify 3, its features, and benefits. We discussed how its wide range of handcrafted and ready-to-use components provides developers with all of the necessary tools to build rich and engaging user experiences.

Vuetify also offers utility classes for efficient styling, as well as support for popular icon libraries. In this lesson, we’re going to be getting familiar with concepts in Vuetify that build upon one another to create an application.

We’re going to learn about:

  • Utility classes
  • Vuetify components
  • and how to use Icons in Vuetify

To help solidify these concepts, we will create a simple b