Vue.js Live 2024


1. 10 Years of Vue: the Past and the Future

Evan You

2. What's Hot On Tresjs V4

Alvaro Saburido

3. Learning To Learn: How To Web Dev The Right Way With Vue If You Are A Beginner

Ashwin Vinay Phadke

4. PrimeVue | The Next-Gen UI Component Library

Çağatay Çivici

5. Building a Better Hammer - The Story of Nuxt 4

Daniel Roe

6. Data Loaders - Elevating Data Fetching in Vue

Eduardo San Martin Morote

7. More Secure Vue & Nuxt Apps - By Default

Jakub Andrzejewski

8. The Swiss Army Knife of Every Vue Developer

Juan Andrés Núñez Charro

9. Scalable Forms in Vue

Justin Schroeder

10. No More Mocking! Write Better Tests For Your Nuxt Application With Contract Tests

Markus Oberlehner

11. We May Not Need Component Testing

Maya Shavin

12. 6 Levels of Reusability

Michael Thiessen

13. Who Are Vue? Authn In Vue, The Important Parts

Ramona Schwering

14. Build Your Own Component Library, With `Shadcn-vue`

Zernonia Kong

Who Are Vue? Authn In Vue, The Important Parts

Who Are Vue? Authn In Vue, The Important Parts

Ramona Schwering

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern single-page applications, VueJS stands out but presents challenges, especially with authentication. Ramona guides you through the frontiers of authentication in VueJS applications, providing an overview of the authentication flow, breaking down each step, and demystifying the role of JWT tokens. Whether you’re a seasoned VueJS developer or just starting, this session offers valuable insights. Learn essential terms and concepts of authentication, with VueJS as an example, but the concepts remain agnostic.