Vue.js Live 2023


1. The Hidden Cost of Open Source

Aaron Mitchell

2. A Saga of Web Rendering Woes

Alba Silvente Fuentes

3. The Vue-niverse of SEO: Uncovering the Secrets

Alexander Lichter

4. TresJS, a declarative way of creating 3D scenes from Vue components

Alvaro Saburido

5. Building for the Edge - Crafting a Next-Gen Framework

Daniel Roe

6. Stop Writing Your Routes

Eduardo San Martin Morote

7. You’re Probably Using Lighthouse Wrong: How We Got Tricked by a Single Magic Number

Filip Rakowski

8. Image Optimization - Quick Win for Improving Performance in Vue & Nuxt Apps

Jakub Andrzejewski

9. Building Backwards Compatible Vue Libraries

Jessica Sachs

10. Nuxt 3 Modules and Open-Source

Lucie Haberer

11. Building the Vue 3 VDOM on Stage

Marc Backes

12. Writing Good Tests for Vue Applications (e2e vs. Component Tests, Features of a *Good* Test)

Markus Oberlehner

13. Component Design Patterns

Michael Thiessen

14. Alive and Kicking - A Vue Into Rock & Roll

Tim Benniks

The Vue-niverse of SEO: Uncovering the Secrets

The Vue-niverse of SEO: Uncovering the Secrets

Alexander Lichter

This talk discusses the impact of JavaScript on SEO, particularly for single-page applications (SPAs). When Google crawls and indexes an SPA, there are limitations such as no interactions, no scrolling, and no data persistence. Additionally, SPA URLs must be actual URLs and not just fragments. The talk also covers on-page and technical SEO, including the importance of HTTPS, mobile friendliness, and descriptive URLs. The use of Nuxt.js and its SEO kit is recommended for easier implementation of SEO best practices.