Vue.js Amsterdam 2019


1. How to craft a Vue CLI Plugin

Guillaume Chau

2. Static Site Generation is Awesome

Alex Kyriakidis and Rolf Haug

3. Understanding webpack from the inside out

Sean Larkin

4. Vue CLI – How to write components with it

Thorsten Linusborg

5. Empowering Vue with TypeScript, Inversify, & Vuex

Quique Fernandez Guerra

6. Nuxt.js 2019 - Don't miss the NEWS!

Sebastien Chopin

7. Next Level Jest Testing with Vue.js

Roman Kuba

8. How to avoid mistakes in state management.

Filipa Lacerda

9. Accessibility with Vue.js

Callum Macrae

10. Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue

Chris Fritz

11. SSR Revolution Vue 2.6

Guillaume Chau

12. NativeScript-Vue + ML = The Great MiniBar Challenge: MixoLogy

Jen Looper

13. Modern Web Apps Performance Tricks with PWA and Vue.js

Filip Rakowski

14. GraphQL + Apollo + Vue.js = Magic

Sara Vieira

15. Media for everyone - how to make your Vue Apps accessible for all users

Maya Shavin
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Nuxt.js 2019 - Don't miss the NEWS!

Nuxt.js 2019 - Don't miss the NEWS!

Sebastien Chopin

Learn about Nuxt.js in 2019.