VueConf US 2024


1. Vue & Vite Updates

Evan You

2. Slots Slots Slots Everybody

Abbey Perini

3. Rendering Revealed

Adam Jahr

4. Empowering Vue Apps with AI

Aileen Villanueva Lecuona

5. Vue.js Hydration Demystified

Alexander Lichter

6. Real Native Vue Apps with NativeScript-Vue

Camilo Martinez

7. Tech Parents Do's and Don'ts for Teaching Your Kids Programming

Cassandra Chin

8. Common Mistakes in Vue.js and How to Avoid Them

Daniel Kelly

9. Vue, You and AI Search

Daniel Madalitso Phiri

10. Nailing It with Nuxt 3 - Inside and Out

Daniel Roe

11. Laravel

David Nahodyl

12. End-to-end Type Safety

Erik Hanchett

13. A New Vue Router

Evan Sutherland

14. Fast Nuxt.js Applications with PRPL Pattern

Filip Rakowski

15. From Your Perspective - A Nerdy Journey

Gant Laborde

16. Vue.js Globetrotter: Mastering i18n for User-Centric Web Applications

J.D. Hillen

17. AI and the Future of Testing

Jordan Powell

18. Scalable Forms in Vue

Justin Schroeder

19. Turbocharged Javascript with hand crafted WASM

Justin Schroeder

20. Accessibility

Katherine Herbert

21. Appetite for Components

Lee Martin

22. Reusable Widgets that Work!

Maria Lamardo

23. How !to be Mentored

Nerando Johnson

24. Fetching Data and the Perception of Speed

Rijk van Zanten

25. Migrating from Vue 2 Class Components

Robby Helms

26. Performance-Minded Development with Nuxt 3

Valerie England

27. Vue + TensorFlow.js: Building Your First ML Powered App

Will Marple

Scalable Forms in Vue

Scalable Forms in Vue

Justin Schroeder