VueConf US 2021


1. Looking Through the VueFinder

Henri Helvetica

2. Component Testing with Vite, Vue, and Cypress

Jessica Sachs

3. HTML Email with Vue.js

Tracey Holinka

4. Component Library / Accessibility

Jonathan Bakebwa

5. Vuetify 3

John Leider

6. The Vue 3 Composition API

Natalia Tepluhina

7. Nuxt Performances

Debbie O'Brien

Nuxt Performances

Nuxt Performances

Debbie O'Brien

Nuxt is performant out of the box, doing a lot for you automatically. Take a look at how webpack works; you don’t even have to do anything to get all these features such as lazy loading and code splitting. Also Nuxt Image. Yes there is now Nuxt Image to make your images super performant.