VueConf US 2020


1. State of the Vuenion

Evan You

2. All you need is Apollo Client

Natalia Tepluhina

3. The State of CSS in Vue

Jameena Mcinteer

4. What you'll love in Vue 3

Alex Kyriakidis

5. Vuetify v2+

John Leider

6. Typescript + Vue @ Politico

Jack Koppa

7. Content Loading That Isn't Broken

Maria Lamardo

8. Component Documentation Made Easy

Bart Ledoux

9. Unconventional Vue - Vue as a Backend Framework

Oscar Spencer

10. Validations in the Composition Age

Damian Dulisz

11. Demystifying the Vue Lifecycle

Jaime Jones

12. SEO in a Vue.js World

Alexander Lichter

13. Launching a New Design System With Zero Downtime

Sean O'Donohue & Cecy Correa

14. Everything as Compiler

Henry Zhu

15. Static is the New Dynamic

Debbie O'Brien

16. Get the Most Out of Vue Router

Eduardo San Martin Morote

17. Simplifying Complex Forms in Vue

Sebastian Jay

18. Migrating a Large Legacy App to Vue

Peter Keirn

19. Creating a Website With Gridsome

Jose Garrido

20. How to Communicate Between Components

Austin Gil

21. Managing a Large in Place Migration to Nuxt.js

Austin Story

22. Application Shortcuts with a Renderless Event Component

Rolf Haug

23. Building Ecommerce Storefronts With Big Commerce & Vue

Ashley McKemie

24. Let's Vue Like It's 1999!

Mike Dodge

25. Nuxt.js + Netlify CMS

Daniel Kelly

26. The Lazy Way to Better Performance

Karen Baney
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Everything as Compiler

Everything as Compiler

Henry Zhu

A view of programming that understands how abstraction relates and distances us to people over artifacts.