VueConf Toronto 2018


1. Vue 3.0 Updates

Evan You

2. Vuetify, The Path to 2.0

John Leider

3. Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue

Chris Fritz

4. Vue and Vuex: The good, the bad and the ugly

Filipa Lacerda

5. Light, lazy asynchronous patterns for Vue Apps

Eduardo San Martin Morote

6. Nuxt.js 2

Sebastien Chopin

7. Augmenting Shopify with Vue.js

Trudy MacNabb

8. A Token Walks Into a SPA

Ignacio Anaya

9. A Vue from Ionic

Josh Thomas

10. Easy 3D Graphics with Vue

Brian Jesse

11. Design Systems in Vue

Benjamin Michoux

12. Enhancing Cart Customization with Vue

Charles Ouellet

13. The Performance Alphabet

Henri Helvetica

14. Vue Instance & Communication with the Outside World

Houmaan Saffarzadeh

15. nextTick down to business

Tessa Park
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Enhancing Cart Customization with Vue

Enhancing Cart Customization with Vue

Charles Ouellet

Charles is the co-founder of Snipcart, a custom e-commerce service for developers which recently went through a rewrite. In the talk Charles demonstrates a wonderful use-case for creating a custom rendering function for Vue, which allows developers using the Snipcart service to easily insert inject template code where needed. They also created Microcomponents to encapsulate UI logic and integrated Vue and Redux together.