Our Mission

To be the ultimate learning resource for Vue Developers. We do this by:

  • Creating weekly tutorials in video and article format.
  • Co-producing the Official Vue.js News.
  • Producing the Official Vue.js Podcast.
  • Paid subscriptions coming soon for exclusive content.
  • $5 of your monthly payment goes to the Vue Project.
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Vue Mastery Team

About The Team

The Vue Mastery team is Gregg Pollack (Teacher), Adam Jahr (Teacher), Ben Hong (Teacher), Lauren Ramirez (Marketing), Pierre Schweiger (Development), and Melissa Koch (Legal & Business).

Gregg, Adam, Lauren, and Melissa are in Orlando, Ben is in Washington DC, and Pierre is in France.

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We worked closely with the Vue Core team to produce this video which walks you through the core principles of this JS Framework.

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