What's covered?

You’ll learn everything needed to build production-level Vue.js apps, from Vue Router to Vuex to API calls with Axios.

Learn by doing

This is an in-person 2-day workshop where we’ll build real-world apps together, step-by-step.

Who's it for?

Our workshop is available as a public course or a private training. Students need to be comfortable with HTML5 and JavaScript.

2-Day Course Outline

The Vue Mastery workshop is designed to start you at ground zero and elevate you to production-level Vue skills by the end of day 2.

We begin with the essential Vue syntax, then create a single page application that has routing, makes API calls, utilizes state management with Vuex, and has efficient code reuse.

All content includes best practices and is reviewed by members of the core Vue.js team.

After each new topic is taught, students are guided through interactive exercises as they learn by building a complete Vue app.

Adam teaching students in person

Day 1

  • Essential Syntax
  • Setup & Tooling
  • Create & Manage your Vue app with Vue CLI
  • Vue Router & Single Page Applications
  • Vue Components
    • Props, Events & Slots
    • Global & Base Components
  • API Calls with Axios

Day 2

  • State Management with Vuex
  • Implementing a Progress Bar
  • Component Loading
  • Route Guards
  • Error Handling
  • Forms and Validation
  • Filters & Mixins

Private Workshops

If your company wants onsite training, we’d love to run this workshop with your team.

Cost: $9,000 for 1-Day, $12,000 for 2-Days

(for 10 or less developers, then $1,000 per extra developer)

The cost also includes:

  • A one year Vue Mastery subscription for each attendee.

  • Our travel & hotel expenses if traveling within the United States / Canada.

The cost does not include:

  • A training room to teach in, we assume you’ll be providing this.

  • Catering.

  • Live music, sorry to say. ;-p

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What knowledge do my developers need to have before they do the workshop?

    Students need to be comfortable with HTML5 and JavaScript, otherwise they might be a little lost.

  • Is this covering the same content as seen on Vue Mastery?

    Yes, we teach from the material we’ve produced on Vue Mastery, however, between each lesson we provide labs where you get hands-on experience coding Vue yourself. We’ll be there in person when you get stuck, and will answer any questions along the way. This also means that when you leave the workshop, if you want to review the material you’ll be able to watch each lesson again. This is why with private workshops we provide a year membership to Vue Mastery.

  • Can I get a discount to a public workshop?

    Join our mailing list to receive information on occasional promo codes.

  • Will you run a public workshop in my city?

    If you think there’s enough interest in your city, just get in touch.

  • Which version of Vue are you using?

    We are *always* teaching the latest version of Vue. We constantly update the training material to follow the new Vue versions.

  • Can we customize the content?

    Public classes follow our normal outline, but if there’s something specific you want to learn with a private workshop, please do ask.

  • Do I need to bring my own laptop to your workshop?

    Yes. Both PC and MAC are perfectly fine, you'll get the same experience during the workshop.

  • What is the setup required on my laptop?

    A detailed setup document will be sent to attendees one week prior to the training.

  • Will I get any certification on completion of the course?

    You will receive a Vue Mastery course completion certificate.