Learning Paths

If you’re brand new to Vue, you can start with this beginner path that teaches the essentials.
Keep in mind this path is a suggestion, and we recommend exploring what other courses you may want to watch.

Vue 3
Vue 2

    Intro to Vue 3

    Learn the fundamentals of Vue 3 in this course that starts with the very basics.

    Real World Vue 3 (Composition API)

    Learn the fundamentals of building a production-level single page application with Vue 3.

    Touring Vue Router (Composition API)

    Explore how Vue Router gives your Vue 3 app the navigation features it needs to scale.

    Pinia Fundamentals

    Learn the fundamentals of Pinia, Vue's new state management library, by building a simple Todo List App.

    Intro to Vue 3 + TypeScript

    With Vue 3's enhanced TypeScript support, using it just got easier. Learn how to strengthen your Vue apps with this popular technology.

    Unit Testing Vue 3

    Learn about the benefits of unit testing, and what you should and shouldn't be testing in your Vue apps.