Easy Interfaces with Vuetify


1. Intro to Vuetify


2. Understanding Key Vuetify concepts


3. Building the X Clone: Core UI Elements


4. Building the X Clone: Adding Tabs


5. Building the X Clone: Infinite Scroll


6. Bonus: Vuetify Tips and what’s to come


Building the X Clone: Core UI Elements

In the previous lesson, we explored the core features of Vuetify that are necessary for building Vuetify-themed web applications. Using these features, we created a basic business card UI in the Vuetify playground. In this lesson, we will learn how to set up Vuetify locally in a project and start building a clone of the X (Twitter) profile UI.

Let’s get started.

Setting up your Vuetify project

First of all, let’s set up a new Vuetify project. We can create a new Vuetify project by running the `yarn create v