VueConf US 2022


1. Opening Keynote

Evan You

2. How we migrated our HUGE app to Vue 3

Alex Van Liew

3. Maintainable & Resilient Projects Through Internal UI Libraries

Austin Gil

4. Unit Testing Vue Apps: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Beth Qiang

5. Debugging Vue Applications

Cecelia Martinez

6. Dissecting the Pinia Source Code

Daniel Kelly

7. What's coming in Nuxt 3

Dan Vega

8. Building Accessible Components

Homer Gaines

9. Animating Vue with GSAP

J.D. Hillen

10. Deploy, Release, CI/CD, oh my! DevOps for the rest of us

Jeremy Meiss

11. Stress-free Testing for Vue 3

Jessica Sachs

12. Nuxt.js and Chrome

Kara Erickson

13. Modern Mobile Development

Mike Hartington

14. Create a Custom Component Library with Vue!

Paige Kelley

15. Improving Pagespeed Performance with Vue 3

Tom Dale

16. Why do we even test?

Bart Ledoux

17. Component Testing with Playwright

Debbie O'Brien

18. Know your Components

Lukas Stracke

19. What's 'this'?

Colin DeCarlo

20. Vue Traffic Light Chrome Extension

Adam Frank

21. Getting Started: Amplify Authenticator

Erik Hanchett

22. (Share) Point of Vue

Scott Hickerson

23. Building Docker Extensions using Vue & Nuxt

Evan Harris

24. Build a Community

Ricardo Vargas

25. Using Vue for your IoT Solution

Bill Baker

Modern Mobile Development

Modern Mobile Development

Mike Hartington

It’s 2022, and mobile development is more essential to everyday life than it’s ever been. With this, developers have had to pick and choose what tech stack they would use to build for mobile. While this started with one set of tools per platform, we now have multiple options available, and some that can even target multiple platforms with one codebase. But one question remains: what’s the right set of tools? In this talk, we’ll examine what technologies are available, and explore if the tech stack we need has been the web all along.